Miriam, Wix Design Expert

Zoey, CFO  (Chief Fetch Officer)


Hi There,

I'm Miriam!

I love to travel! I don't mind sleeping in tents (while its 8 degrees outside), 6 + hour road trips or long hikes as long as I get to discover new places, food and spend time with those I love. My goal is to visit and spend time in all 50 states...and then take on the rest of the world! All while running my business and designing beautiful websites.

Photography has

always been one

of my

favorite hobbies


I enjoy an occasional glass

of wine!


I'm a small business owner, dog mom  and Author..


I attempted to share my love for travel on YouTube

(If you find them be nice!) 

Turns out it is time consuming and hard to do while having a full schedule

I am also an introvert!


But most importantly I am your Web Designer...Your search ends here!


Meet Zoey

Zoey enforces breaks, raises morale, encourages physical activity and is the head of security and surveillance

Zoey loves to eat, play and hike.

She is a professional dog actress

Zoey portrays a rescue dog named Waffle in the short film, 'Waffle'. Currently in post production.


Zoey is a former  shelter dog

Zoey is a sweet, friendly and playful girl. She brings a smile to the faces of those she meets. Zoey plans to make a positive  impact on rescue shelters by educating, donating and raising awareness. 

This is baby 'Zo at a couple months old. She was brought in to a large shelter containing over 700 dogs and over 200 cats. Zoey was at high-risk of being euthanized. Her life was spared and she is now living a happy life. You can follow her adventures on her socials.

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